A bit about me

I'm a Staff Team Member at The Aetherius Society – an international spiritual organization working together with advanced extraterrestrials to raise global consciousness and improve world karma.

I follow the spiritual path of King Yoga – a path to attain greater powers and enlightenment so that you can help the world more.

I am a Minister Elect in The Aetherius Churches – a blend of yoga wisdom and practices with Christian mysticism. Read more.

I produce The Spiritual Freedom Show – a weekly podcast hosted by international bestselling author Richard Lawrence.

I am the creator of 12blessings.org – a place where spiritual workers gather daily to radiate spiritual energy for global healing.

+ I run Who's Fabio? with JP Luchetti. We help businesses build better digital products. Check out our book, Traction First.

Some of the topics I talk and write about

UFOs & Spiritual Aliens 
Where do UFOs come from? Why are they here? What’s their message?

Prayer Energy 
Prayer energy is a real power that you can use to bring about real change.

Service To Others 
What can you do to change the world and open the door of Enlightenment?

The Mother Earth 
Her vibrations are now rising. What does it mean for her – and our future?


Karma & Reincarnation 
What is karma really about? How can you change yours for the better?
Spiritual Healing 
A simple technique you can learn to help yourself and others.


What is God? Why are we here? Where are we going?

The Twelve Blessings 
A practice you can use to change the world with spiritual energy.

The Nine Freedoms 
Your guide through spiritual evolution to Enlightenment and beyond.


...more coming!

Events, interviews, blogs and podcasts


[August 2024] Spiritual Experience Event – Spiritual Aliens’ Message to Earth @ The Aetherius Temple in London on 17th August @ 5:30pm. £5.00. Learn more and Get Tickets

Online Highlights

[May 2022] King Yoga Experience – Awakening Your Psychic Powers (online talk and guided meditation):

Ever heard the stories of yogis with superhuman powers? People who can levitate their body, make themselves invisible and even walk on water?

Do you believe that any of these stories are true? Or just fanciful claims?

What if I told you that these superhuman feats are in fact possible? What if I told you that psychic powers are not just a gift that some unique people are born with – and the rest of us aren’t – but that we can all realize this latent potential within us?

Master of Yoga Dr. George King was a true Spiritual Master who gained control over his psychic abilities and attained Cosmic Consciousness – the pinnacle of spiritual development on Earth. He taught people how to realize their own inner potential and how to use these powers in the only way that really counts…

Past appearances

[November 2023] King Yoga Experience – How To Really Escape The Matrix @ The Aetherius Temple in London

[June 2023] Live Talk – Spiritual Energy – Change Your Life – Change The World @ The Kent Event Center, Maidstone ME14 3JF

[June 2022] Live Talk – Awakening Your Psychic Powers @ The Kent Event Center, Maidstone ME14 3JF

[May 2022] King Yoga Experience – Awakening Your Psychic Powers (online talk and guided meditation):

[Feb 2022] Podcast: Why are we here??? (Interview on Mysticast)

[Feb 2022] King Yoga Experience: Why are we here? Discover the meaning of life (online talk and guided meditation)

[Sep 2021] King Yoga Experience: Spiritual Aliens - What are they really like? (online talk and guided meditation)

[Jun 2021] Radio: Richard Lawrence talks spirituality on The Dr. Pat Show, with Darren Ball

[May 2020] Blog: Richard Lawrence reflects on UFO and ET revelations as new edition of book is launched today (I interview Richard Lawrence)

[Sep 2019] Podcast: A Disciple Remembers: 40 Years As Executive Secretary (I interview Richard Lawrence live on Aetherius Radio Live)

[Aug 2019] Podcast: A biography of a biography (I interview Richard Lawrence and Brian Keneipp live on Aetherius Radio Live)

[Aug 2019] King Yoga Experience: What is Ascension? Live @ The Aetherius Temple in London

[Sep 2018] Podcast: Why choose a spiritual path (I interview Richard Lawrence live on Aetherius Radio Live)

[2016] Blog Series: A personal journey of spiritual awakening


The Spiritual Freedom Show – with international bestselling author Richard Lawrence

A fortnightly podcast with international bestselling author Richard Lawrence bringing you the wisdom of some of the greatest spiritual teachings ever given to Earth: The Nine Freedoms.

Discover: the path to Enlightenment, the meaning of life, life on other realms, spiritual energy, spiritual aliens, spiritual development, the Divine; karma, reincarnation and past lives; spiritual healing, psychic powers, and the Mother Earth.

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Online world healing platform

Change the world with spiritual energy

The Twelve Blessings is one of the greatest spiritual practices ever given to Earth and can be practiced by anyone. Try it!

12blessings.org is an online platform for global healing active in 80+ countries. We are live almost daily. Help to heal our world!

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You can reach me at: darren at aetherius.org

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PS I just got married to this amazing woman 😀